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Welcome to!

This website has been commandeered to test out a new project currently underway. Enjoy :)

Alright, I admit. I haven't exactly been using this "blog" type thingy for what this site is traditionally about. For that, I apologize. I'm scrapping my non-tech-related posts and will start using this for what I made for originally :P
12 minutes ago
"'Contrary to what might be expected, I look back on experiences, that at the time seemed especially desolating and painful, with particular satisfaction. Indeed I can say with complete truthfulness that in everything that has truly enhanced and enlightened my existence has been through affliction and not through happiness, whether pursued or obtained.'

"[...] if it were ever possible to eliminate affliction from our earthly existence by means of some drug or other medical [feat][...], the result would not be to make life delectable, but to make it too banal and trivial to be endurable."

-Dr. David Jeremiah
12 minutes ago
There was previously an issue with posting on my wall here, but I seem to have fixed it... yay!

The issue was with PDO. The first thing I need to do when I get back is write a good system for building queries... After that, I'll work on Error and Exception codes. I'll create and document all Error Codes and possible exceptions.

I may start hosting documentation before I'm finished with this site... But we'll see!
12 minutes ago
Sadly, work has picked up here at Amplifi Commerce... because of that, it's taken quite a long time for me to return to work on this project. However, I'm still confident that this will be worked on very shortly after the project slows down. (hopefully in the next week or two!)

On a side note, I am exploring an interesting hardware project. More on that in a couple weeks as well (when I have my free time back!) That being said, work on this project will not be hindered by the hardware project I'm looking at poking at :P

Until next time...
12 minutes ago
Alright, so I've decided I'm going to tackle this beast one section at a time. The simplest, of course, being the first sections I'll tackle...

So, here's the list of Apps I'll tackle first:
- Account *
- Portfolio
- Projects
- Community/Forum
- Social Feed *

The apps with an asterisk (*) indicate I've already started or laid the groundwork for them. Social being, of course, one of the ones I've obviously already started on.. However, that thing is going to be a monster. So, that puppy is going last.

I've got a tad bit to finish for the Account App like levels, settings pages, profiles, and registration. Some other things too, but those are the ones that come to mind. After that's finished, I'll toy around with the idea of letting some register. Probably for some testing and things.

Anyway, my 3GB SVN update was just completed! woohoo! That means I have to get back to work ;)
12 minutes ago
Awesome progress today, regarding URL management and automatically determining framework, app, and static base paths. Yay for progress :)
12 minutes ago
Welcome to my site! This is my first status :D
12 minutes ago